Lyrics to Uncharted Path
Uncharted Path Video:
Don't even talk to me if you ain't trying to change
I'm looking to evolve you content to stay the same
I couldn't picture my master pieces in a frame
Cause I think outside the box cut the lox because it was time
Weightless here to stay like Diabetes
Searched the planets and universes can't find a liver species
Never been a mac but never pc
Politically incorrect when I project whatever's on my mind
Beautiful wife and kids no more to ask for
Lookin to travel the globe and collect some stamps on my passport
Building for my future past yours
You careers my last resort after I resort to violence
So keep your eyes open theses no Zolpidem allowed
I've magnified my focus on the goals that I've compiled
Stolen moments of common sense I extend beyond the crowd
Pause for amazement They can only resort to silence
Tried to get a head and disregarded every body
Had to choose either uncharted path or carbon copy
Standing stern on a promise Medusa couldn't rock me
You built your house on sand and can't understand why your sinkin
Martyrdom Hardly comes to a peasant
Only the gifted in attendance raise your hand if your present
I'm a student of life and while class is in session
I absorb the message from every lesson given while day dreamin
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