Unbound (The Horcrux Song) Lyrics

Insane Ian

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Lyrics to Unbound (The Horcrux Song)
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[Ron:] Hey Harry, how was summer?
[Harry:] All right.
[Ron:] I'm so glad to be back at Hogwarts!
My sister is here this year too!
[Harry:] Yeah?
[Ron:] Yeah, she won't stop talking about you!
[Harry:] That's nice.
[Ron:] Aw man, this is the best. I really hope no big, scary thing happens this year!
I'm so tired of that.
[Harry:] Yeah.
[Ron:] Hey, wait, where'd my sister go?
[Harry:] I dunno.
[Ron:] Aw man, and there's spiders and a big snake! I'll be running away now!

Help Me
Dark Lord
Was bored
Big snake
Looks fake

If you want to destroy the journal
Use the fang of the basilisk

[Hermione:] Harry, the sword!
[Harry:] What about it?
[Hermione:] The sword is goblin made!
[Harry:] Huh?
[Hermione:] It takes only what makes it stronger. Like basilisk venom. Or steroids.
Soul split
It's tough
As hell (hell)
No spell
Will break
Ice lake
In I fell!

If you want to destroy a horcrux
You'll need something that is powerful (something goblin-made!)
Dumbeldore left us a single weapon
Use the sword (of Gryffindor)
To break the spell

[Harry:] Well, we've discovered that the sword will destroy the Horcruxes! That's great! Now all we need to do is find the rest of them! Here Ron, hold this locket.
[Ron:] My Precious!
[Harry:] Maybe I should hold that. Now, all we need to do is find the others. Did anyone read the books?

If you want to destroy a horcux
First you have to search around (like you lost your keys)
You'd think the Dark Lord would've hid them better
You Know Who (Should've given them to)
Jimmy Hoffa!

I don't want to be the last horcrux
Voldemort did that by accident
There's cups and rings and stuff like an old dirty tiara
I'll break them all (to free your soul)
The spell's unbound!
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