Lyrics to Unbalanced Suns
Unbalanced Suns Video:
I think it was in the basement that I saw you let up,
Our naive eyes wandering like four unbalanced suns,
Our New Years was shared ten days in, when the light came on without rhyme or reason,
I'd never believed in such childish things, but my contentment was filled in our slumbering sleep, when the light came on like a dream

I could plow the snow, but I'd like to stay,
With all these innocent pursuits, I have much more to say,
I've heard longing can turn into a creature of fear, 'til you're talking to yourself in some truck stop mirror

The letters have been sent, and we'll continue to write, sincerely and always, we have plenty of time
I'm somewhere in the Southwest helping brothers cut Mesquite, but I've heard things often blossom come Spring,
So when March hangs its' coat, I will see you through,
'Til then I'll be thinking of your basement, I'll be thinking of you
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