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Lyrics to Unashamedly Positive Love Song
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I'm so in love!

Think about you every time I close my eyes
Can't disguise these feelings that I feel
They're taking control
You're so far away but I'll feeling fine
Because I know you're mine

I'm so in love!

I would wait for seven million years just to hear your cheer
You are like no one I've ever known
Every day you're far away
But distance makes the heart grow fonder
Every day I know one day that'll you'll be here with me

What would your parents say if they were to find out?
The world would not agree
How did this come around?
But I would just smile back and wrap my arms around
The miracle my heart has found in you

I'm so in love!

You like the songs that I write for you
I can't tell you how much I adore you
You could be laughing back at me
But I don't care cos I'm happy
When I see you, I'd be beaming
You'd be happy, we'd be reeling
I'd take you inside and keep you warm and dry

Look at what this is and then you look away
Will we ever meet?
Can it ever work this way?
Well listen to me when I say that I won't let you get away

I know we're far away but look up at the stars
No one can say they're theirs
So that must mean they're ours
So grab me by the hand and close your eyes
We'll slow dance underneath our stars

I'm so in love! I'm so in love!
I'm so in love! I'm so in love!

Let's slow dance underneath our stars
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