Lyrics to U.n.
U.n. Video:
(feat. Speedy Loc, Bugsy,Tito B, Lil Coner, Big Oso Loc, Ace Of Spits, Mousie & Lou-E-Lou)

I'm From the darkroom hustla solid muthafuckas
Comin out the norte california where they love us
And in the sache is where I stay
I was raised in the eastbay
Where the hoes get played and
The yay gets weighed,
And if the dope is high grave you can get well paid,
Them haters just hate and players get laid and
Snitches get sprayed for the shit that they say
In nortern cali we yellin fuck the police all day

[Tito B:]
Shake em up(shake em up) take em before I throw em out
Go all out(go all out) that's wen we gamble man without a doubt
Paper route use all the grinds words as necessary
Norte lado soldado will leave you in the cemetery
And em boys mandatory to keep on stomping
Stars the limit mothafucka we gon keep on knockin
Ya'll gon keep on jockin
It's Tito B up in this
Northern family reunion with darkroom family ya bitch

[Big Oso Loc:]
DRF you know the name
Back up in this bitch mayne
Comin with that sick game
Darkroom is the shit mayne
Always tryin to flip change
Buisiness always on my brain
Spittin rhymes with cocaine
Orage in the fast lane,
Love the money fuck the fame
Love it when it fuckin rains
Live the life of fuckin pain
Only loyal was remained
Nortern calis my turrain
NSH is what I claim
Got you haters in my range
Cockin back and taking aim

[Lil Coner:]
Lil dude fuckin with a tycoon
I'll have u hightide and beat up in a darkroom
You see the tatoos is norte on mines
You voice so dirty but it's gotta shine
Look man don't make me act a fool
Before crooked Endu haveta come afta you(afta you)
I'm Lil Coner from that varrio grande
Decoto muthafucka runs through my sangre

[Speedy Loc:]
Darkroom king of this concrete jungle
Lock the ropes on that ass in this U.N rumble
Make em fumble when we hit em knock they bitch ass out
Let em all know what this Northen Cali kids about
Joggin a death wish, quick, like ya tilt the feds
Color cotin every mothafucka in city er town red
Knuckle up like we do in this gang fight
Fuckin with this U.N is like fuckin with dynamites

And when it's time to ride I ain't afraid to collide
Bring ya dome, you bound to get drowned like a tie tide
Look in my eyes see the life of a savage
Individual keep a bullet cause the damage
Which can have it something tragic
Like spitting shells in they face
Hit em burn em up like mase
Dipped out without a trace
Floatin like a grass hound
Accelerate and smash out
I'm in the hood like D-Bo
People get knocked the fuck out

I'm a young gangsta dude,
Les do shit till I turn viejo
Lil homie ain't on my level
Do the math you pendejo
Why G do it real,
Raised by OG's
Fo keys, buckin shots at the police
On these, bitch pigs wanna see me bleed
Cause my pockets fat like Steve
Plus I'm from the D.G
Connecting ain't northern homies
Ain't nobody comin reala
We rushin in the game
Hooked up with the familia

[Ace of Spits:]
Soy el esterio and I been in since the beginning
When darkroom first start spittin bout this northern cali livin
From the San Fran streets varrio mission loco
Solo cholo in the lo lo tried to get it y todo
Now if ya hear me young punk,
Thinkin hes tough and try to step up
Cause I'm quick to pull the pistol
Even quicka to lift ya chest up
You betta strap ya vest up
In the 415, before they find ya ass thinkin
But they thinkin I don't know why

O my o my I be like fuck em
I see them in the highway
Pull strap, get to blappin, talkin shit and crooked out sideways
Cali North do it big, cause we don't nono lies
With middle fangers to them puercos
Cause eyes are never fly
For yay bounce n were I stay
Clear da scene n evacuate
Green light smash,
It's no surprise ya see yellow tape
Riders ride how it's telld, how it is ya digg
Out here burn a bridge, ya be suckin a cig
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