Lyrics to U Should Know
U Should Know Video:
I never thought that I would meet that special someone til | You came along and froze me still | I'm not so sure that we were meant to be together yet
| I can't stop thinking bout you-u-u-u-u | We both got a lot on our plate and we don't wanna make | A mistake that will take us away from the Way | I'll
give you time and space, oh but just in case you didn't notice | I wanted you to know this | Chorus: You should know how much I love you | It hasn't
changed since the moment that we met | Let me remind you I'm crazy about you | In case you ever happen to forget | Never in my life have I felt
like this, never knew my heart could melt like this | I'm like an ice cream sundae on a hot sunny summer day I need to find shade | But next to you's
where I wanna be, I'm so anxious but true love's worth waitin for so I'm gone stay patient, I can't ignore this feelin inside but I can control it, | So let's
take our time and slowly move forward | Or I will end up way ahead of myself, my heart is on fire I don't want it to melt | You're the type of lady I can
already tell, I could lose it all for and still be well | Okay then, let me slow down before I get a little bit ahead of myself and accidentally slip up and
say somethin that I can't take back, well, it might be too late for that so here it is love | Chorus| Bridge: If you're second guessin, lets ask the tough
questions | Test this love to see if it's for real | I ain't goin nowhere til' you say it's over | Lets build this love so it can last through storms | Chorus |
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