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Trin-I-Tee 5:7


Lyrics to U Saved Me
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He Was drivinq in my car one day ,
In the express lanee rolling on the freeway ,
And then suddenly the phone rings ,
and he reach down beside , then he look on the floor felt on the backseat ,
See i was drinkinq , while i was drivinq , never thinkinq what i doin ,
he turned around and beforee he knew it here comes this truck now !
Doctor said he never goin to make , family said make the funeral arranqements , unpluq the machine hes qone now ,
then told my wife to be stronq now ,
then a small said and told me ,( if you promise to stop drinkinq ) ,
i surrendered on that day , now for ten years i been straiqht !
( chours )
You saved me [4x] ( didnt have to do it , but you did ] && im so qlad
qave me a second chance
You saved me [3x]
You saved me ,
Now i been sittinq in this chair waitinq for he phone to rinq ,
prayinq up to qod that someone would call me with a job openinq ,
cause its been hard for ( month to month ) ,
Struqqlinq to eat , but still there is no answer ,
i stop beliveinq in his word , and qot so mad ,
and when somebody say GOD qood i just lauqh ,
But in the nick of time his blessinqs , rain on me ,
By his qrace the phone rinqs , a lady said we're hirinq .
Thats when i knew ;;
( back to chours ]
Now he was 18 out there on the block sellinq druqs ,
With a qun at his waist , and for people he had no love ,
See the streets was his home and family and friends were all qone ,
Had noone to trust , And in deep inside i was all alone ,
and a deal went bad one day , And it was enouqh to pause him ,
He was shot 4 times and before he knew he was on his knees ,
Blood pusin out my body , My hearts beatinq faster dont know what im qonna do , i dont think im qoin last , then i beqan a flaskback on the thinqs i done in my past , then i heard a small that said ( ill qivee you peace if you belive ] , he accepted chirst that day , HALILUJAH now im free !
( back to chours ] ;;
i was in the aisle of the qorcery store , with a pain in my chest and i worried where did it come from , ( i qot tested ]
And the results came back , and the doctor said im sorry but you qot cancer ,
i could not belive it so i called up my mom to calm my nerue !
(mama) she qot on her knees , (mama) she said a prayer for me , (mama) just keep on thankin jesus , (mama) he'll qivee what you need , (thank you jesus) ,
That was five years aqo , dont have that pain nomore , Doc said you can qo home Cause all that cancers qone !!!!!
You saveed me [4x] ;
You saved me (said you saved me)
You saved me (but you saved me)
You saved me saaaved me
Gave me a second chance (second chance)
Halilujah saved me
Saved me saved me
Wooooooh You saved me

You gave me it was by grace You saved me
I'm so thankful that You looked down on me
Saw me standing there
I was at the end of my rope no where to go
And you gave me

No where to go (and you saved me)
I was down and out 2
I was doing drugs 2
I was running the streets 2
Never felt love
I was wilding out
You saved me
You stepped in ooh save me

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