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Lyrics to Tyrant Of The Airways
Tyrant Of The Airways Video:
Watch this his scorn
Paid for a showdown
Tracking the steel
Come through the air
This decoration
The length he has taken
To what to his score
In this game they call war

The race has just begun
Track your course an hour to the sun
Tyrant of the airways
No turning back, coz he's on the attack
Tyrant of the airways
He'll tear you apart and rip out your heart

You know your case, the hot on the hot
Deep in the blade you scream like a whore
Back on this night from the apple of light
While you twist and you turn until you are no more


[long power break...mmm \,,/]

Contact aah..

[lead break...\,,/]

oooo ooOHHH


Message of hope!
Race through the airways
Fleeting the time we will not forget
The rumble of thunder and engines of black
Thunder and lightning the blindness of night

The race is never borne
The price is right we do it just for fun!
Tyrant of the airways

Tyrant of the airways

[blistering lead break...\,,/]

oooo ooOHHH


oooo ooOHHH
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