Two Paths Lyrics


Two Paths

Lyrics to Two Paths
Callow dreams
Dawn of spring
No seeds of doubt yet sown in the ground
Man-made shades mould reality
Looming deceptions
Hope blurs it all

The path so bright
The path so dark
All crossroads
Illusions of our lives

No, feel no pity for a dying man
We're all just here to die, to live one precious life
None for all and all for none
It's the only law
Feed you inner wolves
With prudence

When the night closes in
It grants us the final wish
The blade may be rusty and dull
But the spirit will never bend
Unforgiving, benevolent, brave, noble and foolish
All will dim with the last exhale
Then all will be complete

Every deed has a price to pay
May sagacity and chaos bless your way
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