Lyrics to Two Houses
Two Houses Video:
Don't call me for supper if you don't mean to feed me Don't tell me you love me with that gun in your hand Cause I fall down dumbfounded In the face of your beauty Yeah, one look from you and I am a fool In the palm of your hand Chorus: There's a house we call love built next door to hate And both of them got lawns and a white picket gate Their taxes don't differ and their water's the same But in one you get comfort and the other house shame Hey, do you mind if I speak You know I'd like to be frank Your cooking is wretched and this coffee is rank But I look cross this table Into the clutch of your eyes And I'm kind of thrilled that we have been cursed To live side by side (chorus repeat) Why do we bother Why do we try I think we should call it, call it a night You go to your house and I'll go to mine and we'll wake up tomorrow and pick up the fight (chorus repeat)

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