Lyrics to Two Face
Two Face Video:
Why are you mad? You dug this fucking pit. Keep your chin up so I've got somethin' to hit. And don't say you're sorry, I don't need that shit. Just get the fuck away! You're leaving a trail of blood and tears. You're leaving people in a state of fear. You're a fuckin' waste of time and we don't want you here. I said get the fuck away!

Show me your face!

You've pissed us off for the last fucking time! And I wouldn't give two shits if you died. You're going down and there's nowhere to hide. This is what you get! This is what you get when you piss the world off. This is what you get for all the shit that you
talk. So we pick up the body and lay down the chalk. This is what you get!

We don't need you! We fucking hate you!
We don't need you! Ya fucking two face!
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