Lyrics to Twitter Song
Twitter Song Video:
This song goes out to all my Twitter fans
I love you

I still rememeber the first time I heard about Twitter
I thought: What the hell is this? Is this
something I sould even consider?

Just when I was getting the hang of
Myspace page
But now no one's even checking
Well I guess that was the Myspace phase


Well now I got the phone app
I can post my twitpics
And follow Kim Kardashian
All I really know is ninety thousand people's a lot

And now I'm talking shit
Saying think I should keep for myself
Like what I'm doing in the bathroom
And the details of my sexual health

It's kind of funny that my account still isn't veryfield
If I get to a hundred thousand then maybe I won't be denied


Now I know the lingo
I can even hash tag
And RT all my friends' tweets
All I really know is ninety thousand people's a lot

Yeah that's a lot of people
Thank you so much
All of our fans, everywhere

In Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Praguay,
everywhere in South America and Central America, you guys are amazing

How about a sout-out to all our fans in Europe,
We've got tons of people out there!
We've got Spain, Italy, France, UK, all the Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway, we've go people in Denmark, Switzerland.
What's up Russia!

A big shout-out to our fans down in Africa, and also in Australia, New Zealand, down under, what's up baby!

Everyone in Japan, China, Signapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, all over Southeast Asia.

We love you!
Peace out!

We'll see you on tour!
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