Twitter Gangstas Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 3 - Mixtape

Lyrics to Twitter Gangstas
Twitter Gangstas Video:
Yea, 1, 2
Niggaz talkin bout they gon kill me on twitter
Lol, they sittin in front of the crib
I see that red camaro
Well nigga my glocks got extended clips on em
Come and kill me twitter gangsta
Let's go

Godzilla the rap game tokyo
I'm a viking you a victim when the drama fold
Strength come in numbers, I kill these niggas dolo
Go hard with my pen when they say my raps is doo doo
Police precint, everybody fuckin know me
Police comin, I'm lookin like a heissman trophy
Our father born in heaven
I'l leave these niggaz all holey with deez mac 11's
Rude boy me like the moneys shelter green
X mark the spot me hit the hater with the beam
Machine gun go blaaaccckkaa
Shooting at the feds like fred malbakar
2 minutes of shooting feel like 2 hours
Money of these bricks give a nigga more power, power
Tom fords, watch chapal
44 bulldog who you watching for
Keep believin in them panicky nervers riders
Come through my residence I'm shooting through pyjamas
44 holes, through polorolls
Lay a nigga down, strip em of his soul
The bike harley, the truck harley
My daughter in that bitch watching that I carly
Air france socks off, high as fuck
She see the cardy french stewardess she wanna fuck
And she a pretty bitch, god damn the bitch holdin
She got the blonde hair ass like ashley logan
2-11 I pull it off the lot nigga
My pockets like that human beat box nigga
Faat boyyyyy

Yea, see my nigga floyd mayweather
50, blue hefner, p-reala
Nigga b-vo
Rest in peace to goldie lodie mac
Yeaaa, niggaz if, yo yay I ain't heard you in a while
Lol nigga
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