Lyrics to Twist Of Fate
Twist Of Fate Video:
Sit right down there sir And tell to me a tale I don't mean one with fancy diamonds Or one about the Holy Grail Speak of one That will blow my mind And fill me with indecission How about one with a crazy doctor Who loves to make incissions Oh, Tell me a story Please make it nice and gory A blood bath, hands reaching from the crypt A soul stealing spectral Into the perils of hell you'll slip I need to know My fear will grow With the words that flow out from your tongue With every sentence the further into terror I am flung This guy and I A campside ghost lure Neither know what lies in store When the terror rains on us with force Mother Nature has taken it's course A locust storm Gigantic Swarm Crops are gone Money Lost! Do you know what this is gonna cost? Out in the old west Oh this heat I detest I'm so hungry No vultures, I like to eat the birdies the best Now that the bugs have strayed Went away into the sunset When they find this man They're gonna accuse me I bet! A heart attack Vultures on his back Makes it impossible to detect How this wiseman was wrecked

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