Lyrics to Twins
Twins Video:
my twin she's my keep, wing tips of angels brush her hair when she's asleep
sister she loves him, cradles her doll's head in her artificial limbs
the light that made us made us twice

my twin she's my keep, lays down besides me takes the braces from her feet
real hair and real lips, we are inseparable, we're joined at the hips
the light that made us made us twice

never can the cord they sever forever we will be together
I just had the same thought my twin tell me to and I'll get lost

we are closer than you know, everyone of you, no different than ourselves
dreamed that I was alone, lying here, alone, beautiful and whole

you can swim but I will drown
now I can't go near the ocean with my courage watered down
Songwriters: Campbell, Charles
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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