Lyrics to Twilight
Twilight Video:
Turn off the lights, let the night start breathing!
Hold up a candle for the tragic and dreaming
Yeah, save your steps for the twilight dancing
We'll make a mask and scare all the children passing

I'm living by the minute here, captain- I've been waiting for this day to come
I'm searching for a ring on her finger, but I'm only getting older
I'm looking for a union among us, but I'm willing to set fire to the bridge
I've been fighting for a long, lost cause, here, and I give...

Let's fill the streets until the world stops turning
Red-moon-sky, it's like the whole world's burning
You've got the needle and the ink so write his name down on me permanently
But don't hold your breath- the world's not listening- she's never listening

Let's write the anthem for a world in mourning...

You- take my love, take my life, take my heart- make it yours
Take away my desire to live life anymore...

Love, forgive me. Come redeem me.
Love, believe me, I am so sorry!
Love, you give me life, you give me breath
You warm these veins
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