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From the mouth of the west to the belly of the Midwest
on January 12th we had good reasons
the weather's always nice, but you had to pay the price
and everything in our lives was lacking season
scene snobs and temp jobs, earthquakes and summer fog
the Golden State stopped shining when Lincoln showed us diamonds
boxes in the van and nice shows through the heartland
we left the apathy of I-80 for the promise of Dan Ryan

pulled in to your big gray arms on a frostbitten Monday morning
beer bruised and dead tired
oh, I hadn't felt so alive in years

Central Park and Wrightwood, we helped gentrify the neighborhood
the basement we moved into had a carpet full of bloodstains
there were mice in the walls and roaches in the halls
and the winter wind crept in through the cracks beneath the window panes
the first night we juiced livers up at the Diversey River
and I quit quitting smoking when I opened up my eighth beer
by the end of the week I had a job at the punk club down the street
and my first shift ended with the blizzard of the year

it was coming down hard just after midnight
and I went out drunk dancing in the slow-globed alleys
I fell down, laughing in the cold and white, underneath the street lights
oh, I hadn't felt so warm in years
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