Lyrics to Twentyfour
Twentyfour Video:
The lines on these roads take us anywhere
It's never enough to go where we're told
The driving gets long when the land is bare
But the world on your mind takes a while to unfold

Every day every nite
It's a fight to survive
More than 24 hours ago
I will love you in spite of
The wrong or the right
After 24 years you should know

I know it's a struggle to find your voice
When the road you've been on is just a dead end
I would give you my faith if I had the choice
But the lines on your face tell me I can't erase where you've been


If you tend to think I'm the lucky one
My innocent world is shaking with doubt
I know believing is easier said than done
And I'm trying to find an easy way out

But his timing is right
When the light hits my eyes
And the tears that I cry aren't my own
Cause the lines in the sky
Paint a promise of why
We do not have to fight this alone


The lines on these roads take us anywhere
Is it enough just to drive home.
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