T.v.talk Show Time Lyrics

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Lyrics to T.v.talk Show Time
T.v.talk Show Time Video:
Why must we always know their names
To make them heroes is so lame
Armchair experts in the house
Bored house wives glazed on the couch

Don't make them stars
Don't let them shine
T.v. talk show time

Know more about Manson than Lincoln
A philosophy catastrophe
No more biographies of lunacy
Lets see more this sucks I'm bored


Its ratings week next
Lets check what freak are left to see
Diaper wearing freak show
Cone sporting freakshow
Gang banging freakshow
Chicks with dicks freakshow
In their hand freakshow
Lipstick dykes freakshow
Look a likes freakshow
They're all here

To get on T.V., go insane
They snap and go nuts everyday
So fucked up compared to us
And we sit eyes bugged, lips shut

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