Lyrics to TV
TV Video:
I'm watching TV, I'm watching TV
The adverts told me buy one get one free
I've shut down my brain and I'm numb to the pain
And I feel a real part of society

I'm lost in TV, I'm lost in TV
I'm sitting watching La-La count to three
It's wasier than doing your abc
A real view of reality

You control all I see

I'm glued to the box, my consciousness locked
It's the nueral equivalent of concrete socks
My mind in a coma, like someone in shock
All thoughts of creative expression are blocked

I'm gorging on meat and nestle sweets
I can't get off my arse and onto my feet
The outside worlds seems cruel and cold
And I can't break out of this vice like hold

You control all I see

I'm trapped in TV, I'm trapped in TV
My brain is on the inside fighting to be free
It's turning to sludge with the things it's seen
I've got to break away from the vampire screen
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