Lyrics to Tv-Show
Tv-Show Video:
So sad that I am now, my heart could stop at night And no one recognize me go I?m so afraid of eternity, behind the border Waiting for me, never released, oh forever So I talk demand again, I beg n shout, pretend a grown man Too tired to leave this battlefield Chorus: if I follow you, make sure that I am dead Then I follow you, pretend to be so mad I close my eyes, better try to sleep But it steers the panic and panic steers me So get up don?t you stay in bed Drink that fucking beer instead Make sure you loose this game again So I talk n talk, forget again, I cry and curse, that grown up man With broken mind laughing in his head No-way-land, no coming back, would I meet or stay alone What about everything I had, what about everyone I loved? No god, no fire keeps me warm, Don?t tell me of the chosen one What about everything I have, what about my soul I follow you

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