Lyrics to Turnpike Hustle
Turnpike Hustle Video:
When I offer my self to the gods
Ill pray for you
That you get what you
What you want and needed
To live your life
Without me breathing down your neck
Cause all I want is the best

I will tell you what you want to hear
Well be famous by at least next year

If you left me I pretend like nothing happened
Id just move along
But the black death keeps leaking on my hand
It wont come off
Free ride dont come that often
Your high horse please just get off it

Cause we can never
Have the piece of mind
We used to have

Cause we were born in the eighties
Its driving us crazy trying to figure out
A new way to be a new way to see
And well see the only thoughts that hold us back from being real
Is pressing our dreams onto wax and recording reel to reel

Lay down and give up
If thats what you want
Cause Ive, Ive got my plan
To make my, make my stand
Against the real world
Against the upper hand
We cant go back now
Its hard to understand
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