Lyrics to Turncoat
Turncoat Video:
Went to fight for your country, became a prisoner of war
Then on national news reels, rejected what you fought for
Harry ______ was a nice man, a humble man in deed
But he sided with the Marxists in America's time of need

Get out! Turncoat
Get out! We don't want you around
Get out! Traitor
Get out! We don't care what you found

Gave up the right to come back over here
When you decided to stay there for 33 whole years
Now he wants to come back to the family that he left behind
Wants to start all over again, find the life he thought he'd find

Was wounded in China, soon all your friends came back
But you decided to stay behind the lines you were supposed to attack
Hope you had a good time with your commie kid and communist wife
What makes you think you can come back and start a new American life
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