Turn Your Head And Cough Lyrics

Favor The Brave

Rochelle EP

Lyrics to Turn Your Head And Cough
Turn Your Head And Cough Video:
Thanks for the time that we had, let me go. I knew it all would disappear. My
memories built solely on false hopes. Could this also have been a false
pretense? You yell and scream at the top of your lungs which leave your lips.
Instant gratitude, another misfortune.......Egotistical, self absorbent got the
best of you. The alter will not share your smile that I bear. This is my time
to realize so thank you for the bullshit....Thank you for the bullshit, we'll
leave this alone, thank you for the bullshit we'll leave this alone..Bring back
these times; memories that couldn't last [X4]
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