Lyrics to Turn On The World
Turn On The World Video:
Turn on the world, give 'em a taste
Of how free a love can be.
Turn on the world, you don't want to waste
All your warmth on me.
You say you've got wings, you'll teach them to fly.
Teach them to love and not question why.
Teach them to live and then just watch 'em to die
As you turn on the world.

So turn on the world, I'm just one man
And that ain't enough for you.
Turn on the world, you know you can girl.
It won't be tough for you.
Reach for your star, ride the high wave.
Think of the souls who wait to be saved.
All you can give me you already gave.
Now go turn on the world.

And where my mind goes now
Is no longer your concern.
You're hearin' new voices now,
And I'm just a bridge to burn.
You got so many choices now
You don't know where to turn.

Turn, turn...turn on the world.
Live life to the hilt.
March to your own sweet tune.
Turn on the world, don't stop for the guilt;
It might ruin your afternoon.
You say I should smile, stand and be strong.
We've had our time and we've sung our song.
Don't worry 'bout me baby, just run along,
And go turn on the world.
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