Lyrics to Turn On Me
Turn On Me Video:
I'm from a rusted track chicken shack factory town I can sell you a shooters Bible beautifully bound Get your flies in my buzz Get your wolf in my howl But I'll never touch your chick Unless you fuck with my fowl I'm gonna find you Step up behind you I go drip wax trippin on my votive divine I'll take a sip of corn liquor over blues anytime I never choke my goose, never jack my jaw I won't assasinate the President Or call upon the law I'm gonna mine you, refine you Till you turn on Till you turn on me You are the raw material and my fertile mind Is not an egg drop body shop And you're on the line I'll take a pinch of this, add a snatch of that Stoke the big black smokestack under my hat I'm gonna sign you, redefine you Till you turn on It's a two by four skindustrial town And I'm runnin the company right into the ground Got a hole in my bucket, I'm a phone sex freak Chasin Little Bo Peep around the peek-a-boutique I require what I desire Lover turn on Lover turn on me I been up workin all night, down in my lab I got the Bride of Frankenstein asleep on the slab Waiting for a lightning bolt to rattle my beams A hundred thousand volts to the girl of my dreams I'll take you higher, catch a fire Higher, catch fire Till you turn on Till you turn on me

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