Lyrics to Tunnel Vision
Day one, picked apart myself. Lost in
Translation, I've stumbled on the misfortunes of life.
We are the fallen.
We are the fractured skies. We are the living
Nightmare and we can't open our eyes. So
Clap your hands to the beat of the drum
If you think that some days never end
Give in, understand this, if we're the only
Living thing in the world, your narrow
Mind can't wage war on what's left. Now,
Looking away. So careless, and self
Taught, not selfless "Explain." "What!?"
"Your Thought process." "I shouldn't
Listen to this!" "When did you become so
Arrogant?"It's my choice for once.
Inhale the words you never thought you
Could handle. Cold hands won't hold
Open the door for your eyes, and tell
You you're missing a substance. In fact
It's the only thing crossing your mind.
You're fucked in the head. We're all
Fucked in the end. Day two: read over my
Notes. I packed a map to skip the fault
Lines in the road. But when it ends, I've
Still got nowhere to go. We are the fallen.
We are the fractured skies. We
Are the living nightmare and we can't
Open our eyes. We're not the only living
Thing in the world. Open your eyes.
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