Lyrics to Tulane
Tulane Video:
Been about a day since I bled in a pine bed
Get em full of dread when they find out that I'm dead
Body full of meds mislead by a pill head
Fucking infared cocked back ready for the FED
Triple six
Triple six
Rockin a upside crucifix
Luminous lunatic
Shreddin the bodies
Oh no I'm not new to this
Satanic bitches that fuck for the ritual, spiritual visuals, fuckboys habituals
Talking that shit, you don't know bitch, don't make me get physical
Walking round miserable, smoking that medical, shoot up a bag of dope
Dependent on chemicals
I'm on a pedestal neck hanging from a rope
Scarecrow the skeletal, fuck is acceptable, I have no frontal lobe

Bitch you can never be the 7th ward dragon
Fuck NOPD and fuck JPPD
All the white flags flapping
Ruby da Cherry
What will he do to me?
I can't even imagine
Riding in a monster truck
AK tucked
47 shots is what the AK pump
I be that lakefront punk with a vacant trunk
Take some when the bass bump
Then I wait for them at the bottom of the pit
You'll be coming out the fucking bottom of my pit
That's pitbull shit
Red blood dripping off my fucking pitbull's lips
Triple the digits of 6
6 days went by
On the seventh day I shine
7th ward diamond minds illuminated by divine signs
Painted by my mind's eye
Blankets lying on a fine dime
Bitch I'm naked and I might die
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