Lyrics to Tuesday Pm
Tuesday Pm Video:
Girl, oh you've been so cruel
An understanding thought will melt the ice in you
Girl, oh you'll see it soon
Not everyone is bulletproof on the battlefield
Not everyone is bulletproof on the battlefield

Girl, oh you've been unfair
I think the game, it had some rules you didn't declare
Girl, please let down your hair
If you could see what I see on your hidden stairs
I read it in a message that you left for me there

Because you are all that moves and breathes and wanders through, invading from the sea
An understanding thought will thaw the frozen ice of envy, 'cause I can see you clearly...

Girl, now here is a truth
I don't regret a minute that I spent with you
And girl, and I've been a fool
Not to keep you close to me like a good lover should
And for keeping you away from all the things that you love

'Cause you can see me clearly...
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