Tsuki No Ue / Over The Moon Lyrics

Rie Fu

Rie Fu

Lyrics to Tsuki No Ue / Over The Moon
Tsuki No Ue / Over The Moon Video:
tsuki no ue ni nobori kitte
shita o mi watashi teru
sesuji o tadashite ne muke o kakushite
kyou mo machi no hikari to niramekko
atarashii asa hajimaru tabi
itsumo kasuka ni dokidoki shiteta kedo
kitto minna doko ka hitotsu de

tsunagatterutte koto shinjitai
shiroi sora o miagete mabushikute te o kazashite

Sometimes I have to say, it's just a passing phase

kokoro ni saku hana
ima ni mo kare sou demo
itsuka megumi no ame
kokoro uru osu toki gakuru

Silent stars shine in the sky,
I wonder the reason why
Every time I try to sing, they sparkle in my eyes
What I expect to see, might only come to be
A dream, but I know there's something greater to believe

Watching the days go by, your words are slowly fading away
Sometimes I have to say, it's just a passing phase

And after all, all is heart
Deep down inside, we'll never be apart
Another day is about to begin, but today I'll let my feelings melt into the wind


Climbing up over the moon
I look out over what's below me
Straightening my spine so I don't get sleepy,
today, too, I'll stare right back at the city's lights
A new morning starts over every day
Though I've always felt a faint throbbing sensation
telling me that surely everyone, wherever they are, are all one
I want to believe it when they say we're all connected
Looking up at the white sky, I put a hand up against its radiance
Sometimes I have to say, it's just a passing phase

There's a flower that blooms in my heart
And even though it's dying now
The time is coming when someday
a rain of grace will fall on my heart
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