Lyrics to Tsjernobyl
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1986 someday in april something happend far away the world was shocked we reached the edge of destruction Remember "Tsjernobyl",a little explosion nothing much at all that's what they told us nothing has shown us no radiation no harm But you know one and one is two so cancer can't be good for you we're losing no place to hide yes we're losing we are all about to die no natural death a fall out will destroy what we have spread we're dieing,bey bey world Live to die die to live,no tomorrow radiation's high we're about to die Live to love love to live,have no sorrow we're all about to die radiation is high Is the world about to change after what happened look around nothing will change we're digging are graves we reached the edge of destruction Remember the face of earth pure and beautiful and nothing will survive the air is polluted water undrinkable yesterday's or gone Bey bey world Text/Music: marc morlock

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