Try (Try To Fall In Love) Lyrics

Liz Durrett

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Lyrics to Try (Try To Fall In Love)
Try (Try To Fall In Love) Video:
Sometimes everything works out okay
Sometimes it seems to go the other way
But it really don't matter at all
It depends upon how quickly you rise when you fall
If you're sure, you don't stay down too long

Sometimes the music don't come out too well
Sometimes there really isn't much to tell
Nothing's wrong, it's a song you feel
And the moment you thought of it
It must have been real
Or you wouldn't even thought of it

If you try, try
Now it's the key to everything
It's the calling of the wind
It seems to you, it plays to you
When you are down

If you try, try to look above
Up in the clouds and in the sky
That is where the music lies
You can have it
When you fall

You can have it
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