Lyrics to Truly Unique
Truly Unique Video:
Yo, walkin' in late...flagrant, quarter to 2
Tryin' to see what I can get into
See a few of my crew havin'...a good time
I don't know...I guess it must run in...a bloodline
Summer slide, incognegro...through the sea of people
Young shortys is fine but...illegal
Girl please you know this ain't your drink
One reason 'round you like a rollerskate and rink
Hit the bar with my whistle with a B-52
On the rocks with a kick to knock you out the box, DJ
On the wheel of steel, 1 and 2
Oh shit...let me go and see what's up with you

[Blue Black]
Without we gettin' OD'ed and philosophical
We creatin' a space where anything is possible
We makin' it so...even if it's not logical
'Cause we runnin' spiritual with the biological
A world of fire burn the side of space
Simply bridgin' the gap...and make your wild stop common place
Stand in front line with rhymes cocked
Wheter improper written...they all get dropped

Truly unique and we speakin' on a...
Truly unique and speakin' on a...
Truly unique and speakin' on a...
Truly unique and we speakin' on a... Unspoken Heard

A beautiful cat steppin' in...reppin' in...checkin' in...
To see a whole lot of A alike niggas like me
Just travelin' through...what's up are you?
Ain't nothin' what you gettin' into
Just cheesin', freezin', skeezin', pleasin', reason rhymes
Trees and dimes, legion lines, cohesion limes
And squeezin' mine as we bump and grind

[Blue Black]
'Cause braggin', boastin', buggin', toastin'
Not believin'...the whole shit of the evenin'
We've been...bobbin', heartrate...droppin'
Dress for sweat...throughout the reggae set
From all the grindin', windin', dancing from behind and
Findin' my niche and all with perfect timin'
Dippin', divin', so-so-socializin'
The world is ours so we shouldn't be so suprisin'

Yo, telecommunicate...orate, narrate, regulate
Delegate, designate, orchestrate chemistry, staciate
Dominate, isolate, alleviate and elevate
Just so we can differentiate

Truly unique and speakin' on a...
Truly unique and speakin' on a...
Truly unique and speakin' on a...
Truly unique and speakin' on a... Unspoken Heard

[Blue Black]
Yo, what I gotta do to step through
Yo, Blue Black...what you knew that, 1, 2 at
The screw top...with a brand new drop
From my crew who be lovin' that hip-hop
See we love it as mush as you do, but you who?
It's me the wah who, surfin' and searchin' like Yahoo!
With the liable...with the cowboy sitar
With a guitar...I be the rhyme spit-tar
I are...fall and the way from your average everyday
1, 2, kick the beat and don't stop
1, 2, kick the beat and don't stop
Yo, funny shit I drop

Comin' from F-ville...yo, the center of attention
But...yo, I don't give a...then watch ya stop flinchin'
Vivid like DVD and stand fridgin'
While I digitally mine holdin' a pivot position and
Exquisite you can't deal with it
Carry my mic in a case, all chromed out and fitted
Urban out-fitted, I rock with skaters and the thug
Poetic cow hooders who set it out in the club
Soon as you go to school, frustrated as hell
Parents who do they best to keep you out of jail
Critics, antics and mimics all the rest inbetween the hate
To see a brother mix intelligence with cream, I mean
We either need to be poor, black and conscious
A bank rolled up...kickin' nothin' but the nonsense...but
Imagine a brother like Ashe goin' out like that
Or Wes Jack or Blue Black...Truly Unique

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