True Thrush Lyrics

Dan Deacon


Lyrics to True Thrush
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Beast on my brain, every thought is the same
If the beast is controlled, it'll never turn gold
And that's just fine
(We don't own the world around us)

Don't touch the flame, or the burns it became
Live the lies you've been sold, as a nightmare unfolds
If you don't mind
(No hope comes from those who bound us)

Hey there old owl, I'm lost and alone
No head to hold high, but my feet keep on going
Spread those wings wide and take me along
Now show me the sky and tell me I'm home

(repeat verse 1)

Hey there old lady, please sing me a song
Sing of days gone by, before I went wrong
Hey hey hey I don't know which way I'm going
When I look past your eyes, I can barely hang on

(repeat 1, 2, then 1 again)
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