Lyrics to Trouble
Trouble Video:
Gpg 4
Keep raining on these niggaz man
I'm for the streets ya heard me
Yea, yea

Amazona piranhas concrete jungle
Christmas time on the humble kill chris cringle
I got dope on the streets fuck another single
My shiney a.p got her on my d.I.c.k
Enforcer like rebay
Kabo 10 weather no time for envy
Bounce through l.a, blue and red pelle
In and out burger, porn star in the tele
And she my motivation like kelly
Reverse cowgirl it, smoking on the swishay
Mack mentality all you niggaz squares
Capkin red bottoms got a million pairs
Christian lebouers I'm off that
Lavids on my feet cost a nigga some more rats
All the real niggaz, are dead or in jail
And the fed system tryin to kill niggaz with them cells
Bail jumper judge sayin I'm a flight risk
1 squad out gotta play the night shift
Cops wanna taze me beat me with they night sticks
Port donna karen blazer on smelling like piss
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