Lyrics to T$Rl
T$Rl Video:
True story, real life, first let me say this
I am black and white, everybody else just fakes it
Everybody else so basic, stop tryin', please stay home
We don't need another band in the grey zone
Yeah, I think we need change like a payphone
True story, real life, mama said I'd be a rockstar
But rock n' roll is dead, mama
It's not long before the blogs are
Until then I'll be a blog-star
If you need me, you know where I'll be
Man, I'm either on the road or flyin' overseas
I got a bunch of little girls cryin' over me
True story, real life, we got signed to a label
And we infected the internet, uh
We started playin' on the radio
Do you really think we could say no?
With these million dollar checks on the table
We were working at the mall on the payroll
And now it's getting kinda hard just to lay low, yeah
True story, real life, uh, the only guardian I have is me, uh
I'll kill myself with a pitchfork
And I'm my own worst enemy
And when I die leave me in the streets, uh
I want pigeons flyin' over me
And I'm a vision to this whole thing
So I don't care if you don't got any hope for me
True story, real life, yeah, I could use a little help, uh
And I'm talking 'bout girls like I got 'em but I don't
I'm upset with myself
Man, I wish I could have sex with myself
Hm, that would solve all of my issues, huh
You were crazy but I miss you
Now I'm alone with a box full of tissues, so
True story, real life, I don't feel like we made it
Didn't mean to be a mystery
And we just didn't wanna say shit
Now we're a little bit famous
And I think I might hate it

I could give a motherfuck about a plaque with double platinum looks good when it's next to white and black
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