Lyrics to Trix
Trix Video:
Force the habit I'm awesome at it
An addict for the automatic fire let you have it
I'm riding through the ring of fire in my horse and carriage
And this is strictly for the real I disregard the average
You cold
I'm stacking a grip running my lip baby this is maybe what you want
Maybe it aint
Maybe it is, I am a pro so you know with the give and go
I'm tryna get the globe blown with the sicker flow
Computer wizard niggas hate but don't even know
Come hit a show hit the streets or don't even speak
I'm magnific on the beat nigga stop sleeping
Or see me lurking in your dreams homie straight creeping

We the flyest yeah baby wassup
I'm all up in the spot got my weed and my dutch
The nightlife's trife niggas hating on us
Cause the spotlight's bright it be all up on us
It be on us
Cause the spotlight's bright it be all up on us

Empty packet of Zig Zags not feeling that
Proph pass me the dutch now I settle back
Smoke filling the room Doom that's how I roll
And when I step on the stage nigga assassin shows
Drunk in the club and I shake it up
It's the Monstaaa nation peace to Kitty City
Flipping bars with patience and my style is gritty
So paper ya lifestyle nigga I choose to win it

We the flyest

Present my cost to grab it they forced to have it
A bad rabbit automatically I'm often hammered
Sipping a gin and tonic with my niggas Ninjasonik
Screaming we ain't leaving the city 'til we are iconic
Then vomit, I'm honest still rolling the right lane
As true as I could be never a slight change
Hoping they get the picture holding the tight frame
Slapping these girls asses telling em nice game

We the flyest
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