Trinidad Carnival Time Lyrics

Harry Belafonte

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Lyrics to Trinidad Carnival Time
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By this time back in Trinidad They're making arrangements for the fact to start And what's the big occasion That's causing such a jubilation Well it's Carnival, what else could it be People line the roads up and down to see Waiting for all the bands to pass To jump in and play their mass It's Carnival come join with me Grab your partner and you'll feel free Be merry and gay relax enjoy your stay Have fun this Carnival day Jump up to the rhythm and the rhyme Shake your body in the line It's Trinidad Carnival time Oh I never seen so much a rum yet And those bakes and biscuits I can't forget Steel band boys bing bang their tune People romancing under the moon Well it's masquerade all over the place Like a convention of the human race Day and night it's still going on Well it's there my friends Calypso was born

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