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Chorus (Trick bitch hoein me actin like she knowin me but all day I chill like a stonein homie) Ace* Trick hoes like what we bustem like a bubble they come around attackin us wit that platnom shovle, hey I bought that bitch put it down cauz you hoe ya self out to the hole dam town,bitch dont clown il smack you till ya face starts to frown,bitch I cant control my lyrical rhyms they ozz like slime but when jelios niggaz come around I bust um wit my 9.pullin the ozz'yz and the 9'ns popin caps like nothin,splitin bars on cop cars like a knif on butta,butta no I ment it like a brotha know what you say you see in me trick bitch probly say she see fine jewelry she dont buy me thats why she is a trick she suck dick and when you ask for the cash she saiz she dont even got a brick thats we nuggaz suport hoes but thats not right so we should change the rules of the game tonight Chorus 2 Hk3* Splitin bars popin niggaz sounds like the life I live but holdin figgaz, I drop my pans like who that be u know its that fly nigga hk3 niggaz cant touch me while I sit in the slall takin a pee just playin dog, you cant be like me u always actin fake but when it all comes down we all real or fake but on my side we reall the niggaz 4 real you cant find a nigga that say he ashamed to be from here cauz we live it to the fullist attention span we can have and after that niggaz gettin the stabe marks like nothin,and then when its done you know we still be hustlin,bustin what ever we have to do when its all said and done weres your crew do they really know you well I guess know we know the line is drew and were are you on the wrong side nigga you ganna get popped,shote,whatever you wanna say pop,so grap the glauck and hope and pray just hope god leads you in the right way so you dont interfier and eather or play cauz I said we wild thug niggaz repin all dam day Chorus 3 Illshawn* Whats more to say they said it all so we can kick back chill at the mall buy some clothes for all seasons summer and spring,winter and fall,you got that homes well at least the fall but what else to do be sides cap on you and pull out the shottie and cap on you,is it the rhymes that get you all the time or is it the time that gets you all the time, well whatever it is I dont care just be like r-kelly and 'braid my hair,braid my hair'its 4 eva and eva its all good lets sit back and give shout outs to all the niggaz in the hood. Unknown killa* Do you know me a wild nigga comin fast as hell like a carbadge snell but if I am so fast whats that dam turtle doin right on my ass when the lyrical rhymes are kickin what the taste of the chickin it tast like weed so who planted the seed in my need to see what we all need so know will you leave me alone so all I can do is act full grown but I gess that wouldent be wright cauz we all have to be nice fuck it dogg pull out the dam knife its anouther gangsta fight all night we slay the niggaz that aint be actin right so take this word and spred it all over and after that come joyne its not just yet over more to come more to go hell by the time this is over I could grow a frow,almost over know but one more thing listen to these nggaz I guess they like to sing the song of death we all heare it sometimes then why do we all be comiting the crimes well be happy its over now you can rest but come back for more you still got a chest Chorus 4 till fade

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