Treat Your Woman Right Lyrics


I Thought I Was An Alien

Lyrics to Treat Your Woman Right
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you love the world more than you love me
though you mean the world to me
today my world is collapsing
into the void of no return

every word that comes from your mouth
is just another sign
for me to let it go
but it takes so long
and I'm not so strong
and I miss your face everyday

you love your god more than you love me
though you're a god to me
you've always wanted to protect me
but now you're the one that hurt me

you talk to your wise men and they say
women are only here to distract
you from your path,
so follow your path
follow your track
follow your dreams
and let her down
you make big talks
and they equal
do what I say not what I do

you love yourself more than you love me
though I love yourself more than me
I let my ego drift away far so it won't come back
but now I'm losing my way

you're getting stuck
in your quest for fame, and women, and free love
and all your hippie theories
but don't pretend to be all loving
if you can't treat your woman right
'cause you didn't treat your woman right
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