Treason, Heresy and Witchcraft Lyrics

Black Shapes

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Lyrics to Treason, Heresy and Witchcraft
Treason, Heresy and Witchcraft Video:
It speaks to me,
As fire burns beneath,
We cease to breathe,
Yet we still exist

Brotherhood of death,
Order of the tomb,
Embers turn to Ashes,
Fearless of Death

All hail,
All hail,
All hail,
All hail

Birth of our death in the shape man,
Lord of the fields with the greenest land,
Thrones of skulls sit at Heaven's door,
Martyrs of chaos their body the host

Black horizons form,
As fire burns beneath,
Treason, heresy and witchcraft,
Live within the doom

Fearless of death
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