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Lyrics to Transitional Confessional
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We were on display
We were ready to face every night and every day
But situations changed, in the strangest ways
See how you twisted me?

And how I'll never shake this down
It's deep from memory
We'll don't you save your face
In the strangest ways

Oh how can I explain
There was a shadow watching over every move I made
Covered all days
In the strangest ways

Were you a friend of fine?
Or is it so hard to admit you were just killing time
Just killing time
In the strangest of ways

Now I can see, there is an open road
And it's stretching out in front of me
And I can feel the breeze
And it reminds me of that old familiar self

And how we'll meet again
But when, I can not tell
So 'till then
'Till then
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