Trains Across The Sea Lyrics

The Silver Jews

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Lyrics to Trains Across The Sea
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No troubles
On the line

And I can't stand to see you
I can't stand to see you
when you're crying at home

Scotch and penicillin
Please try carlton
A cold, black maple hanger
And husbands on the run

I just got back from a dream attack
That took me by surprise
And in there I met a lady
Her name was Shady Sides
And she said:

It's been evening all day long
It's been evening all day long and
How can something so old be so wrong

Sin and gravity
Drag me down to sleep
To dream of trains across the sea
Trains across the sea

Half hours on earth
What are they worth
I don't know

In twenty-seven years
I drunk fifty thousand beers
And they just wash against me
Like the sea into a pier
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