Lyrics to Trails Of Obliteration
Trails Of Obliteration Video:
Faces remain faceless
Staring deep in my soul
A cold sense of evil
Tearing my sanity
Disturb my peacefulness
By lividity and distress
Pulsating on my anger
My emotions are mortified
Pleading my insanity
To a wall that does not object
Screaming to the emptiness and suffering
It's my state of being
Reject this tortured soul
That clings onto the flesh
And doesn't want to part
Put to rest this entity inside of me
It doesn't want to die
Murder the integrity in me
It's not what it used to be
Creating a somber character
Built on hostility
But I intend to obliterate
On my own passion for vengeance
Eternal vengeance
On the path of my wandering
I shall find comfort from sorrow
Eternal vengeance
Behold the sight of obscenity
Reflecting a wicked existence
Eternal vengeance
No passage for souls to be saved
All hope suspended by pain
Eternal vengeance
The blind following the blind
Since the period of ancient times
Spewing blasphemy in tongues
Critical and severed images
Created for the benefit of mass obliteration
Master minds are set to define global domination
Seismatic earthquake devastating
Catastrophic period of time
Shaken land raked over coals
Nations collide
Fighting for one power and rule
A heavenly voice "It's Done"
Descending with majesty
Dark corners illuminate
Filth seems to trangress
Into the burning bowels of the abyss
Breathing night of sacrilege burns with ice
Defiant world of mass decay
Demons attempt to mutilate
Rape and deface the human race
Intoxicate and suffocate
The weak in mind are being violated
I'm no longer of this world
A spectator to a lion's den
Waiting for the hour of death
Waiting for the hour of my death
Nails driven through my fears
Blood turns into acid rain
Casting a figure a shadow of misery
Cesspools of evil vomit from a serpents mouth
Unbelief possesses me
While I still feel alone
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