Lyrics to Trail Of Blood
Trail Of Blood Video:
You're a sinner with blood hands, hear the chanting of hell in your life
You're a sadist with no luck, you're stalking her every night
Something happens in your head, anger and hate
Start to run trough your veins
Now you see her without her friends
You invite her for a ride - her death starts to come

You wanna have what is not yours
Doesn't belong and yet so close
Corpse laying down; can't hide the marks that you left

Trail of blood - hear the screams in the night
Trail of blood - leads to the other side
Trail of blood - enter the monsters mind
Trail of blood - now the truth is out

Strange pictures twist in your head
All of pleasure born in pain
She was guilty cause she looked so good
You wanted to look under her hood
She was only 23 Raped and murdered -
You took away her dignity
Now she lives only in her parents mind
And you say "What man am I if I didn't try"

Don't lie
Don't preach
Don't try to defend when we know
You're a serpent
You ain't mad, only evil in mind
Hiding behind an image of a good guy
How does it feel to stain
Your hands with blood?!
How can you lie about things
You've done?!
How can you sleep when conscience
Burns your mind?!
How can you breathe when
You're not worthy of air?
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