Lyrics to Trail
Trail Video:

Worry, why you always worry?
You have so many problems that's why we're in a hurry
I'm alright for now I'll just never sleep again,
But in the day, but in the day...

In silence I live, in silence I…

Smile, smile although I know there are no perfect pictures
Only fruitless figures
Your condescending stare at life scares chance away
But who will try? And not pass by

In silence I live, in silence I live

You'll be okay, if you say to me,
So I'll take all the push
And the first mistakes I wrap my arms around those who try to escape
You'll be okay, if you stay away

Oh, there is a distance I am traveling
Alone it seems while all are watching
Please don't grab me for I am carefully hiding my trail, trail
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