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Lyrics to Trademark Signs Of Summer
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i'm gonna burst
'cause every song i write keeps getting worse
make sure hooks are evenly dispersed
this method functions as a fucking curse
the formula tells me to end this verse

so i grab my pen and betray my secrets

the monotony of it all is getting old
and the chip that's on my shoulder sure has grown
from years of playing all the same old songs
waiting for the next one to unfold
i start to feel like i'm about to blow

everyone keeps saying that i'm slowly losing touch
and it's making me feel crazy but that doesn't matter much
compared to what we're saving, the band's integrity
to hell with all the methods and goodbye sanity
the warm and sunny weather is quickly moving off
in favor of the winter that is hitting us straight on
i've half a mind to follow and never let it die
but the trademark signs of summer are leaving here tonight
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