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Lyrics to Track Down This Murderer
Track Down This Murderer Video:
He hears the offstage voices of the pursuing MOB)
MOB (offstage)
Track down this murderer!
He must be found!
PHANTOM (moving off again)
Hounded out by
Met with hatred
No kind word from
No compassion
Christine, Christine . . .
Why, why . . .?
(RAOUL and GIRY appear above. They make their way
down, meeting a pack of rats. GlRY screams and lowers
her guard. The rats and the RATCATCHER pass them.
GIRY raises her hand again)
Your hand at the level of your eyes!
. . . at the level of your eyes . . .
MOB (offstage)
Your hand at the level of your eyes!
He lives across the lake, monsieur. This is as far as
I dare go.
Madame Giry, thank you.
(She turns to go back up the slope. RAOUL looks at the
water. He removes his coat and plunges in. The MOB
appears at the top of the slope. They come
down to the lake edge, their torches flickering.)
Track down this
murderer -
He must be found!
Hunt out this
who runs to ground!
Too long he's
preyed on us -
but now we know:
the Phantom of the Opera
is there
deep down below . . .
He's here: the Phantom of the Opera . . .
(They turn back up the slope. Perhaps there is another
way in. The gate to the lair descends, as the rest of the
lair appears.)
(The dummy of CHRlSTlNE sits crumpled on a large
throne. The PHANTOM drags CHRISTINE roughly out of
the boat. She frees herself and backs away as he stares
blackly out front. Braving her terror, she addresses him
Have you gorged yourself
at last, in your
lust for blood?
(no reply)
Am I now to be
prey to your
lust for flesh?
PHANTOM (Coldly)
That fate, which
condemns me
to wallow in blood
has also
denied me
the joys of the flesh . . .
this face -
the infection
which poisons our love . . .
(He lakes the bridal veil front the dummy, and moves
slowly towards her)
This face,
which earned
a mother's fear
and loathing . . .
A mask,
my first
unfeeling scrap
of clothing . . .
(He places the veil on her head)
Pity comes
too late -
turn around
and face your fate:
an eternity of this
before your eyes!
(They are almost touching. She looks calmly and coldly
into his face)
This haunted face
holds no horror
for me now . . .
It's in your soul
that the true
distortion lies . . .
(The PHANTOM suddenly senses RAOUL'S presence.
Behind the portcullis, RAOUL climbs out of the water)
Wait! I think, my dear,
we have a guest!
(to RAOUL)
Sir, this is indeed
an unparalleled delight!
I had rather hoped
that you would come.
And now my wish comes true -
you have truly made my night!
RAOUL (pleading, grasping the bars of the gate)
Free her!
Do what you like
only free her!
Have you no pity?
Your lover makes
a passionate plea!
Please, Raoul, it's useless . . .
I love her!
Does that mean nothing?
I love her!
Show some compassion . . .
PHANTOM (snarls furiously at RAOUL)
The world showed no
compassion to me!
Christine . . .
Christine . . .
Let me see her . . .
PHANTOM (drily)
Be my guest, sir . .
(He gestures, and the fence rises. RAOUL enters)
Monsieur, I
bid you welcome!
Did you think that
I would harm her?
Why should I make
her pay
for the sins which
are yours?
(So saying, he takes the Punjab lasso and, before RAOUL
has a chance to move, catches him by the neck. The end
of the rope, of which the PHANTOM has let go, remains
magically suspended in mid-air)
Order your fine horses now!
Raise up your hand to the level of your eyes!
Nothing can save you now -
except perhaps Christine . . .
(He turns to her)
Start a new life with me -
Buy his freedom with your love!
Refuse me, and you send your lover to his
This is the choice -
This is the point of no return!
The tears I might have shed
for your dark fate
grow cold, and turn to tears
of hate . . .
RAOUL (despairing)
Christine, forgive
me please forgive me . . .
I did it all
for you, and all for
nothing . . .
CHRISTINE (looking at the PHANTOM but to
my fallen idol
and false friend . . .
One by one
I've watched
illusions shattered . . .
Past all hope
of cries for help:
no point in fighting -
Either way
you choose,
he has to win . . .
For either way
you choose,
you cannot win!
So, do you end
your days with me,
or do you send
him to his grave?
Why make her lie
to you, to save
Angel of Music . . .
Past the point
of no return -
For pity's sake,
Christine, say no!
. . . why this torment?
. . . the final threshold . . .
Don't throw your life
away for my sake . . .
When will you see
reason . . .?
His life is now the prize
which you must earn!
I fought so hard
to free you . . .
Angel of Music . . .
You've passed the point
of no return . . .
. . . you deceived me -
I gave my mind
blindly . . .
You try my patience -
make your choice!
(She reflects for a moment, then with resolution moves
slowly towards the PHANTOM)
CHRISTINE (quietly at first, then with growing
Pitiful creature
of darkness . . .
What kind of life
have you known . . .?
God give me courage
to show you
you are not
alone . . .
(Now calmly facing him, she kisses him long and full on
the lips. The embrace lasts a long time. RAOUL watches
in horror and wonder.
The PHANTOM lakes a lighted candle and holds it
above RAOUL's head. A tense moment. But the
suspended rope suddenly falls harmlessly - the
PHANTOM has burned the thread by which the noose was
held. Resigned, he addresses RAOUL, as we hear the
offstage voices of the approaching MOB)
Track down this
murderer -
he must be found!
Hunt out this
who runs to ground!
Too long he's
preyed on us -
but now we know:
the Phantom of the Opera
is there
deep down below . .
Who is this monster,
this murdering beast?
Revenge for Piangi!
Revenge for Buquet!
This creature
must never go free . . .
Take her - forget me - forget all of this . . .
Leave me alone - forget all you've seen . . .
Go now - don't let them find you!
Take the boat - leave me here - go now,
don't wait . . .
Just take her and go - before it's too late . . .
Go . . .
Go now - go now and leave me!
(RAOUL and CHRISTINE move off towards the boat.
The PHANTOM looks mockingly at his mask. The
musical box starts up magically, and he listens to it)
Masquerade . . .
Paper faces on parade . . .
Masquerade . . .
Hide your face
so the world will
never find you . . .
(CHRISTINE re-enters and walks slowly towards him.
She takes off her ring and gives it to the PHANTOM)
Christine, I love you . . .
(She hurries off The PHANTOM puts the ring on his
CHRISTINE (In the distance, to RAOUL, as the boat
pulls away in the shadow)
Say you'll share with
me, one
love, one lifetime . . .
say the word
and I will follow you . .
Share each day with me . . .
. . . each night . . .
. . . each morning . . .
PHANTOM (looking after her)
You alone
can make my song take flight -
it's over now, the music of the night . . .
(The PHANTOM walks slowly towards the throne. He
takes his place on it, sitting on his cloak.
The MOB including MEG, appears above, climbing
down the portcullis. As the MOB enters the lair, the
PHANTOM wraps his cloak around himself and
MEG crosses to the throne and picks up his mask in her
small hand)
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