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The Forsaken

Traces Of The Past

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[Music: Persson; Lyrics: Sjæholm]

Big Bang
Day one is born
I`m coming through
God at the table
Science by the table
What will it be?

A war...
...ending in decay

never knowing how it became
my life ending in turmoil
leaving a trace from my finger
passed on for generations
twisted but still whole
it is pumping in my veins
a reflection
a reflection - within my pain

[Lead: Persson]

Not knowing how it was like this
Withholding the conerstones of life
It has been left inside me
You tell me that I alone am the one
The one who matches the past
A past that should be in my skin
The more I kow...
The more I see...

[Lead: Persson]

Time is ending, no more control
The root of the past is now done
You found the traces of the past
A tree showing how it was done
I`m the one who carries the past
He was the root of the past
An ancestor who has made the ground
That I now stand on

A life that should reflect in me
It was said in the books that I`m the one
Traces all through my body
I see the ancestor in me
It has been part of many troops
Troops roaming the globe
Preparing to see my destiny
Reaped as we are sown

I am - the spawn of history
I am - the traces of the past
I have - been constructed
I have - your blood in my veins

Traces of the past
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