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Lyrics to Tour Song
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Seven hundred miles to play to fifteen angry men.
I need some sleep.
They hate the songs.
We hate them too.
This show is free.
Twenty minutes in broke another fucking string.
Just call it luck.
They start to leave.
I start to plead.
Someone yells you suck.
Suddenly that joe kicks hard in my veins.
I cool down.
Things sound good right now.
Suddenly fists turn into brave ears, move as one.
Funny how no one knows we came.
They wouldn't come anyway.
Should I feel grateful to play.
I'm living life my way.
I fell in love with my enemy.
I let go of everything I had left at home.
Two cool people came.
They're hiding by the door.
Eyes wide with fright.
A guy, a girl, in love with the whole world.
It almost makes it right.
Every little thing must go wrong
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